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A city to experience

Barcelona is a vibrant city that you need to experience out on its streets, squares, parks and gardens, discovering how its people live together and form a community. So the best way to get to know Barcelona is by going for a stroll and gradually discovering all its nooks and crannies. By exploring the city's districts and neighbourhoods, seeing how its residents live and enjoying its attractions: urban areas, cultural and architectural heritage, natural areas, museums, entertainment and leisure, study centres, shopping and sport opportunities, and much more.

But above all, Barcelona is a city you need to experience outdoors. And the best way to do that is on a bicycle.

Bicycles, another form of transport

Bicycles are an alternative way for getting around the city and they are also the most energy-efficient means of transport. They are more practical, healthier and more sustainable they produce no exhaust fumes, make no noise and do not consume petroleum derivatives, while also helping to reclaim the streets as communal living spaces and improving the quality of our lives.

Barcelona is committed to a safe, sustainable, fair and efficient model of mobility, which puts greater emphasis on non-polluting means of transport. Bicycles are a prime example of this.

That is why the municipal government and several sectors of the general public are promoting this vehicle as a regular means of urban transport. Barcelona's infrastructure for cyclists is currently being expanded and improved. This includes the necessary measures to ensure safer travel, as well as regulatory initiatives to minimise any conflict with other road users.

The benefits of using bicycles in the city are unquestionable. Cycling makes us healthier, improves environmental quality and makes the city safer and more sustainable.

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