1. The European Cycling Challenge 2017 – ECC2017 takes place from 1st to 31st May 2017. 

2. It is possible to join the Challenge from April 1st to May 31st. 

3. Join your City Team and throughout the month of May track your bike-trips with the free App. 

4. If you join to ECC2017 after May 1st, you can insert trips made during the previous days. 

5. All kinds of bicycle are allowed – owned or rented, bike-sharing, electric bicycles, cargo bike, etc. 

6. All trips made by bicycle are accepted if the bicycle is used as a means of transportation. For instance, trips to and from workplace or school, to shopping, to visit friends, to go to the cinema or to the swimming pool. 

7. Trips with an average speed higher than 30 km/h AND a maximum speed higher than 45 km/h are not valid for the challenge, thus for the city leaderboard, but only for the statistical leaderboard. The same will be for trips longer than 35 km. 

8. It is possible to join a City Team if you live in the city or you travel to/from/across the city. 

9. In the "City Leaderboard " only the km of the part of the trip made within the borders will be counted. In the “Statistic Leaderboard” all km of any journey will be counted. 

10. It is possible to join only one City Team. 

11. It is possible to join a subteam for each category (companies, schools, groups). 

12. The only two official leaderboards are: the “City Leaderboard” and the “Best Cycling City Leaderboard”. All the other leaderboards have only a statistic meaning.

13. Sport and training activities are not allowed. 

14. It’s not allowed to break a trip into bits.

15. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can manually insert your bike-trips. Anyway, it is possible to insert manually up to 6 trips (max 15 km) per day. Please track your trips with GPS whenever you have the opportunity to do so. 

To ensure fair play in the European Cycling Challenge, the ECC coordinators can also check the trips of the participants. The ECC Coordinators reserve the right to exclude any trips that they (the ECC Coordinators) find to be fake/unrealistic/doubtful.

16. FOR BUDAPEST PARTICIPANTS ONLY: Participants may apply additional rules for internal competition in Budapest available via the following link